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Two Dividing Methods for the Zodiac Year

Click the animal signs on the following wheel of Chinese zodiac chart to learn more about their basic facts including birth years, luck signs, and love matches. There is a time gap in the year dates between lunar calendar and Gregorian calendar.

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Therefore, some people born in January or February of Gregorian calendar may actually have the animal sign of the last year. What is my Chinese zodiac sign? The most common-seen method depends on Chinese New Year , which is considered as the division of two animal years.

When a lunar year comes to an end, the animal will shift to next one. The other method is calculated on solar calendar. In China, one year can be divided into 24 solar terms , which are used to indicate the climate change and guide the schedule of farming work.

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The Lichun term Start of Spring comes first, which falls on February 4 or 5. If you have got your sign through the Chinese horoscope calculator, discover more about your Love Compatibility. Divide your year of birth by 12 and read about the remainder. If the number of the year can be divided with no remainder, take the remainder as zero.

January 4 Zodiac is Capricorn - Full Horoscope Personality

Each remainder corresponds to an animal sign. Take the great singer Celine Dion for example: She was born in So she is in Monkey sign. Barack Obama was born in If you use an electronic math calculator, follow this way to get the remainder. Chinese Zodiac Time. Chinese Zodiac Years Chart. Tai Sui. Answers App. Similarly, make a note of the days that will be most stressful for you. It is best to avoid booking important meetings or taking major decisions on these days, as well as on those days when important planets in your horoscope are retrograde moving backwards through the zodiac.

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The Major Trends section for your sign lists those days when your vitality is strong or weak, or when relationships with your co-workers or loved ones may need a bit more effort on your part. You will know when to be more tolerant of them and when they are liable to be difficult or irritable.

semistandard.com/phone-tracker-tool-zte-blade-v10.php In this edition we have included foot reflexology charts as part of the health section. So many health problems could perhaps be avoided or alleviated if we understood which organs were most vulnerable and what we could do to protect them. Though there are many natural and drug-free ways to strengthen vulnerable organs, these charts show a valid way to proceed.

Capricorn Compatibility: The Goat in Relationships

The vulnerable organs for the year ahead are clearly marked in the charts. Try to pay special attention to the specific areas marked in the charts. If this is done diligently, health problems can be avoided. I consider you — the reader — my personal client. By studying your Solar Horoscope I gain an awareness of what is going on in your life — what you are feeling and striving for and the challenges you face.

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  5. I then do my best to address these concerns. Consider this book the next best thing to having your own personal astrologer! It is my sincere hope that Your Personal Horoscope will enhance the quality of your life, make things easier, illuminate the way forward, banish obscurities and make you more aware of your personal connection to the universe. Understood properly and used wisely, astrology is a great guide to knowing yourself, the people around you and the events in your life — but remember that what you do with these insights — the final result — is up to you.

    4 january astrology profile 4 january astrology profile
    4 january astrology profile 4 january astrology profile
    4 january astrology profile 4 january astrology profile
    4 january astrology profile 4 january astrology profile
    4 january astrology profile 4 january astrology profile

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