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I am definitely visiting him again.. I know Mr. Saldanha last 10 years.

He is very humble, calm and welcome with smile. When I am visiting my native first I will go to his office and show my family horoscope. His predictions are very accurate. I have some examples. Eight years back he told me that I will make a house within a year otherwise it is not possible for me to do in next 10 years myself laughing how it is possible? As per his prediction I bought a flat in the same year without looking the flat and without sufficient money.

It is really amazing for me. I wish him all the best and God protect him always. Thanks to my friend Uday who is introduced Mr. Saldanha and special thanks to Daiji for publishing this article about him. Veldrin for many years. He predicted financial crisis. His prediction is very accurate. He does take care of visitors comes to him like his family member. Very simple, calm but too much accurate in his prediction. I have consulted Sri. Valerian Saldanha several times in the past and always found his prediction accurate.


He is simple, soft spoken, warm and always smiling which give immense confidence to the visitor. I have intimately known Valerian for several years with frequent meetings and discussions. Bhagavatgeeta human attributes are very apt for him. May God bless him to attain greater success. Valerian personally. He apart from being a famous Astrologer is a soft spoken man and a great Philanthropist.

His concern for the economically deprived people especially for the poor patient is commendable. I wish him great success in his future.

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Congratulations on your success Valerian. I am your classmate, remember me or not. I am Manohar Rao's best friend. Astrology, Palmistry or any spiritual predictions give warnings or indications or possibilities of happenings. One can not confirm because it can be prevented. For eg. I have come across people who are survived and escaped death even after strong predictions and possibilities. Even in scriptures we find God warns people of punishing them, but later merciful God protects his people when they return to God and ask his forgiveness.

Many a time I see in TV Fear Files, and my observation is that if a person is good hearted and knows to forgive others he will be protected always. My friend Manohar Rao introduced me to this great gentleman. Down to earth man with Amazing knowledge My best wishes to Mr Valerian. Valerian Saldanha is my childhood friend, in our friends circle we used to call him with his pet name vallu.

In those days astrology was his hobby and we used to take his advice for almost everything. I was sure one day he would become a great astrologer. I am bit fascinate too about palmistry and a hobby to me to follow sometime. I mostly believe the lines in our palm and it's meaning to one's life and the career path it follows. I wish a great success to Valerian Saldanha and his honesty and the field of astrology. Congrats Mr.

Saldanha, I would like to give one message here, please do not ask about your future from anyone coz if any wrong things astrologer predicts, then you will lose your peace of mind. Instead work hard get your goal fulfill,. Numerology will take major part in astrology. I studied numerology from a famous Numerologist 'Cheiro' From 1 to 9 calculating all numbers related to your life events including your date of birth calculating a single digit and checking the history of same numbers involved in others life you can draw a sketch of your astrology and it will be perfect and right.

It is nothing but science and mathematics. Astrology is nothing but Mathematics or Science. If you master it,you can predict properly.. Vlerian,Hope I will meet you on my next vacation.. Let me tell you one interesting story in my life.. I attended many interviews,but could not get a job. I was staying in my brother's room with his friends. On seeing my face and status,One day,one of his friends Rony ,asked me to show my hand to him.. He said "Mr Jaimini,you will get a job and work here for a long time and that too in the same organization"..

Sri Kerala Bhagavathi Astrology

Everyone started laughing,because Rony Ronald was also searching for job!! But believe it or not,I got a job within one month.. I have been working in this organization for the past 20 long years!!! God never come in front of anybody..

For that reason God given his duty to angels to look after this world. Angels are so swift in there work will reach south africa in a fraction of second.. Angels are available in many forms - are also not visible.. Ronney is just mediator in between you and angel.. But when a person masters all the 3 his predictions are extraordinary. Valerian Saldanah you are great!

Wish you all the best. Really good to know the art of astrology developed by Valerian Saldanha of Udupi. Hope to meet him when we visit our native place. I suggest why can't you try for your regular show in TV because most of the astrologers are becoming famous because of their regular TV shows in Bangalore.

All the best. First time in history I hear a Christian is an Astrologer by profession. I agree, this knowledge or profession is not restricted to any individual or religion. I am sure many people will approach him and will be benefited through his service. In Udupi we can see some interesting things.

I wish all of them a good future. A foreigner christian lady learnt yakshagana at Saligrama few years back. Another worth noting thing that happened at Udupi few decades back Late Mr. He was the founder of Corporation Bank. He had close rapport with all seers of Asta mutt and in those days temple revenue was sufficient to meet the daily pooja expenses. When ever there was a paucity of materials in mutt godown like oil,rice etc. Saheb who in turn sent required materials immediately with out taking money.

He was such a great soul. State government should include his life in the primary school subject. Incredible India Its good to read your comment atleast someone remember Mr. Abdullah as founder of cooperation bank and he have also given many more things like maternity hospital,Mosque,help for needy people but its very rare someone remember him these days..! I have 61 agrees and 23 disagrees. I would have happy if somebody pointed out what is unwanted in my comment. Select A Discount Package:.

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kerala astrologers in mangalore Kerala astrologers in mangalore
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kerala astrologers in mangalore Kerala astrologers in mangalore
kerala astrologers in mangalore Kerala astrologers in mangalore
kerala astrologers in mangalore Kerala astrologers in mangalore
kerala astrologers in mangalore Kerala astrologers in mangalore

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