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It's the way many astrologers begin to interpret a whole astrology chart. The Sun is the way you are and what drives you. I think you are Virgo, but in the future, always include the year of birth, and if you wanted a whole chart, there's a whole lot of other info needed, so never just send me a bunch of junk like most people do. So Virgo Suns are smart, practical, loyal, hardworking people.

Without the birth info and time of birth, I can't tell where your Moon is. There are online Moon sign charts, I have one on every one of my Moon Sign Emotions articles, if you use it and put your data in you will find your moon sign. The rising sign is the way you appear to newcomers or people who don't know you well. I can't do that for you, if you don't know, you need a chart done. There are the same ascendant astrology tables that can look up your ascendant, go to an astrology site. You need to know the time of birth within two hours and the time zone where you were born. What I found is that Mars, Saturn, and Pluto are in the 8th house.

I am extremely worried. Does this mean anything bad? Congrats on the baby! No, planets in one house or in one zodiac sign are never inherently bad. They can be positive or negative, depending on how they interact with the all the rest in a chart. The 8th house does rule sex and death, but this rarely means physical death, so please don't worry.

It's usually a big spiritual change or transformation she will go through when she's an adult. The 8th house is the Scorpio house, no matter what sign she has there, so it means she may be intensely interested in math, she will get to the bottom of anything when she wants answers, and will be strong and independent. This house rules money of the partner, insurance policies, shared real estate, stuff like that. So it's all for much later in her life, probably once she has a partner. Plus I can't cast a whole horoscope here on a group site. But I can assure you that she is safe and she is not going to die, which I think is what scared you.

Mars in the 8th house means she is going to be a strong willed person. She will persist until she accomplishes her goals. I think she will have a corporate career in which she manages other people's money. She may have strong intuition or psychic abilities if she chooses to develop them. Later in life, she could have issues with inheritances, or taxes. She is going to be secretive. Saturn in the 8th house again gives her responsibilities with joint finances, corporate money, taxes, insurance, and inheritance.

She will need a strong stance on justice if she will be trusted to deal with other's finances. She may get divorced and have a big settlement to pay, or marry someone who is a financial burden. But with Pluto, the planet of drastic change and awakening, she will realize this fast and act in her own interests. She can suffer from nightmares, but I think we are still speaking of years in the future. Saturn takes 30 years to go through all the signs of the zodiac, and we have what's called our first Saturn return at It's sort of a judgment point of how far we have come as adults by this age.

She will be bold and enterprising. She has a lot of planets in Capricorn and Aries, so will be a leader in what she does. She will be lively, playful, whimsical. She is going to be aggressive and forceful, but I don't see anything bad about her health. I see what worried you, someone saw aspects called squares to the planets in her 8th house and interpreted it with doom and gloom, but don't listen to that. She's going to be fine. I can always cast a chart if you look for me on Google. I was born March 22nd, my Dad was born the 23rd. Could negative astrology be why we bump heads all this time?

I was born , and I see that you talked about how we like natural things. We do like natural things, but because we like natural things we are very healthy. We barely have diseases. Why would you think that we have diseases? I wrote that piece in jest. It is Negative Astrology Characteristics, so some negative traits of the signs were exaggerated, in an attempt to soften the blow and make it fun to read. I was suggesting that Virgos worry too much about having health problems, and that it's silly because they usually live such healthy lifestyles. It's humor.

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I don't think Virgos have diseases, but they can become hypochondriacs if the sign's traits are taken to extremes. All of the sign descriptions were extreme; it was supposed to be a fun piece, so please don't take it so seriously. I find myself being good at nothing, yet adequate at a handful of things. As an Aquarius, how can my sign help me profit from being this way? So I think you are telling me you are "a jack of all trades and a master of none. In decades past, people worked at one job for one company all their lives, and then when the market crashed, or because people didn't feel any obligation to workers who made their companies what they were, they dumped the loyal people.

They were denied pensions, medical and life insurances, things that hurt them at the time in their lives when they most needed these businesses to give back. I don't know how old you are. But I see many young people who have a lot of skills, or a small interest in many things, as you describe. You are intelligent and probably good at computer issues as an Aquarian. You may be a good electrician.

You don't judge people and can be a counselor. There are many ways to make a living doing what young people call "side hustles. I know several people in their 20s and 30s, who work one day in a supermarket that gives health insurance. I believe Starbucks does this too. I write articles on sites for money, but on topics I love. I make money casting horoscopes and tarot readings. Since I am a good writer, I write job resumes for people. My son finds old furniture people are getting rid of, and repurposes it and makes it into something beautiful, and sells it for a great profit.

You could do that, and tutor some older people in computer skills. Or teach English as a 2nd language. Make a living out of doing several small interests you have skill in. Be a life coach; there aren't a lot of qualifications you need. It's a way to live and also have a happier way of life.

I've seen too many people in my life die in their 50s doing the corporate thing I described above. Aquarians are always into causes, start an organization, or begin speaking out on something you believe in right a wrong, and eventually, you will be paid for it. Use your imagination. You have skills in dealing with people.

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Cobble together a few things you are good at, and it will be enough money to support yourself, and be happy doing it. Good luck. Aquarius people are not the corporate type. I hope it goes well for you. Yes, that's entirely possible. All of the other nine planets in your chart are in astrology signs. Plus there are twelve houses, and they all have three or four meanings. You have a rising sign. The distance between each planet matters. It takes around 12 hours for me to interpret an astrology chart, that's why questions like this are difficult to answer in this question and answer format.

If you look on Exemplore. On Letterpile. Between Hubpages. If people actually read them, I wouldn't be getting all these questions they are designed to answer. I was born May 28, , around 6 a. I am neither talkative or superficial, however, I find that I do take on a lot of Taurus traits and some Cancer as well. Is that a common thing? I also have Taurus in the 12th house and when I read about it in astrology it sounds so negative and sad but it really resonates to my life experiences. How can I change the negative affects of Taurus in my 12th house? You don't say what planet is in the 12th house in Taurus, but I find that some astrology books, and even sites, get way too gloomy about the effects of many things.

Taurus is ruled by Venus. It's the house of secret sorrows or just plain secrets. So you should experience some good things here too. So if you have Gemini on the Ascendant, that means you probably have some Gemini in the 12th house too, it depends on the degrees on the cusps of the houses. That should make experiences a little upbeat at times. But since you say it does resonate with your life experiences, you would know. I'm sorry. Does this have anything to do with Saturn? If so, write back. Depending on your age, you could be experiencing a Saturn return, and I can explain that.

I would use the resilience of your Cancer Moon when going through trying times. You are correct in the way you interpreted this, if you are not talkative or superficial, you do show more Taurus traits. Taurus energy is strong and can deal with a lot in life. The Bull is its symbol, and you have patience, something people overlook when things get tough. Gemini is not always superficial, especially when mixed with two sensible signs like Cancer and Taurus, both have very serious sides.

North Node in 10th House – Aquarian Astrology

So the Gemini in you should allow you to distract yourself with one of your many interests when life gets hard. These negative experiences can be triggered off by a planet transiting NOW, or when you had hard experiences, but I can't see that without a chart. Right now planet Uranus is in Taurus, and it's causing a lot of the political uproar we see in the US and other countries. Taurus wants everything to be the same or familiar, but it's not going to happen when Uranus is around! Uranus is all about bringing in the new and getting rid of the old to make space for new and exciting, timely things.

This is the last gasp for conservatism which marginalizes people. So expect the unexpected, and it could trigger some better vibes in the 12th house. Do you work for a large company or institution? They are ruled by 12th house too. Let me know how it's going. Many people think I am overly critical.

I left a crazy company to start all over again in retail. Will I make it? First, it's a myth that anyone is born on a cusp. Your Sun can only be in one zodiac sign. Cusps exist, but are the imaginary lines which divide the 12 houses of astrology, having nothing to do with your Sun Sign. Your Sun is in 29 degrees of Libra. It's called Anarectic. It means it's about your karma, and that you need or are about to finish an issue from a Past life.

To be honest with you, I am confused and don't understand how you don't know your Sun sign, yet know your Rising sign, because a person needs a whole astrology chart to get the rising sign. So I don't know what you are doing or how you are getting your information. Both Libra And Capricorn are what we call cardinal signs of leadership, so I believe you are ambitious and will do well in retail or whatever field you choose, and become a leader in it.

Capricorn is serious and hardworking, and Libra gives you charm and a kind nature that makes people like you. Mercury rules how we think, and in Scorpio, you have very fixed ideas, and need people to prove something to you before you believe it. Cancer is also a leadership sign, easy going like Libra, but a little more opinionated.

I like all these leadership signs; I think you will make it for sure! If the rising sign is Capricorn, you are careful about who you let into your life and who you will trust. Cancers are like that as well, and you have two planets there. So I don't know that you are critical, it's more cautious about other people's ideas and whether you want to trust them or not. I think you have lots of potentials, and with intuitive Cancer planets, did the right thing to leave if you didn't like the vibes at the crazy company.

I think you will go far. You said I could possibly have Saturn return happening now. The store I work for is owned by a bigger corporation and there is a bit of scandal happening in my specific store now. Not sure if this has to do with Uranus. Yes, having 3 or more planets in the same astrology sign is called a stellium. It doesn't matter if you are double Gemini, and it was Cancer, wasn't it?

You are going to always exhibit a lot of Taurus traits. Saturn returns happen approximately every 30 years, it takes the planet that long to travel through the whole zodiac. So we have them at ages , , and , if we live that long. Your concerns about the job are probably due to the transit of Uranus in Taurus. Venus in the 12th house means you have a love of quiet and solitude. Your social contacts are often secretive, and you could have secret affairs. You are probably a little shy when it comes to social life, which can lead to loneliness or frustrations.

You have an emotional and artistic attunement to your unconscious mind, which can give you deep artistic inspiration. Much of your emotional behavior is motivated from an unconscious level. You are kind and sympathetic to those in trouble, and your own feelings are easily hurt. Mercury in the 12th means your decisions are made by your heart, not your head. You are secretive about your inner thoughts and ideas.

You hesitate to tell others what you really think. You have a very active imagination. Saturn in the 12th tells me you will spend time in seclusion, or working behind the scenes in a large company. This sounds like the place you described. You would also do well in psychology or charitable organizations. It's hard for you to gain recognition. You need to get away from your own problems by serving others, this will help you get more energized. Without a whole chart, I can't really tell when you will be affected by this Uranus transit, but it is when the degree of the moving planet now is near the degrees of Taurus these other planets are in.

Best Wishes. I am a Virgo born on I read I was born under negativity. I always have problems no one has ever heard of. Can I break this cycle? If so, how? It's only really old astrology books that make any sign sound really negative. Virgos are intelligent, fun, care about health, and usually live a clean lifestyle. There can be difficult aspects in your chart, but I can't tell from this. Has this negativity been a long cycle? Some of the larger planets stay in a sign for a year or more, like Saturn or Jupiter.

Saturn would bring karmic problems into your life to learn from. But Saturn hasn't been in Virgo for some time. You can break the cycle, because you have Free Will to think about areas of your life where you can try to change your circumstances. Be creative. Change your attitude or routine. Meditation is helpful for getting deeper into your Spiritual side. I'm sure we all have unique problems, but everyone goes through really hellish times at one point or other.

Hopefully it will pass. But it's not because you are Virgo. It's a mutable, changeable sign, so making a few positive changes should help. Try to get out more or do something new. Please help! Being a Pisces has positive attributes as well. You are creative, imaginative, a good story teller, and most likely a bit psychic. I don't know the time of birth, so I looked up the date in my trusty ephemeris.

The Moon was in 23 degrees of Gemini at Midnight of your B-day, and moves about 12 degrees a day. So depending on what time of day or night you were born, your Moon could be in Gemini, or moved into Cancer. There's also the Gemini one, I have a feeling it's Cancer. Your Mercury is in Pisces, and that rules the way you think and communicate.

Your thoughts are more ruled by your feelings than by facts, and can change with those moods, so that can make you feel insecure. It can seem like you change your mind often, or change your opinions, but it's just based on the way you feel. On the good side, you are a very creative problem solver and thinker. Your Venus is in Aquarius, and that rules your social and love life. Now Aquarius is a strong, fixed sign, and it's possible you don't really want to be tied down in a serious relationship right now.

Venus in Aquarius people like to keep it flexible, and need time to themselves. So do Pisces, just because they have lower energy and like to be alone. So I know you are "good enough", but do need space, even in a committed relationship. Not to see other people, just "me" time. Your Mars is in Aries, so Mars rules our physical side, and you do know how to express your love in that way. You are very sexy about expressing your feelings with Mars here, and Pisces people are very ethereal.

Aries people are a little insecure, but it's a sign of achievement, so you are capable of initiating really original ideas and tasks. You may need others to finish them, but Aries is a leadership sign. Jupiter is also in Pisces, so that's three Pisces planets, called a stellium, so you do exhibit mainly Pisces traits. Saturn is in Aries, that's the Karmic planet, but in the first zodiac sign, so you don't have a lot of karmic baggage or lessons to learn as much as I can tell without a chart.

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Two planets in Aries is usually a person who pushes ahead and does what they want and enjoy, damn what everyone thinks. It's a cardinal sign of leadership. Uranus is in Aquarius, so you don't like surprises. Neptune is also in Aquarius, so now we have a stellium in Aquarius too! So you exhibit as many Aquarius traits as Pisces. Aquarius is a stubborn sign, and you should feel more at ease with yourself and what you think. Aquarius people think they are usually right, even if they have the oddest ideas. Lastly, Pluto is in Sag, but it moves so slowly it doesn't matter much for these purposes.

OK, so Pisces planets don't mean you are prone to being sad. You are prone to being philanthropic, caring, good at giving life advice, as all Pisces people are "old souls" since it's the last zodiac sign. I am a bit stumped here. Is your BF really trying to tell you how good you are, or is he undermining you? All that Aquarius and Aries is enough to help you get through these overwhelming emotions. That's why I am guessing your Moon is in Cancer, but that's a cardinal sign of leadership too, so even though it's very emotional, most Cancers are more self-assured than others think.

They are reserved and decide who they want to get to know better. And if the Moon is in Gemini, your feelings are ruled by your head, so that makes it less emotional. You need to know the time of birth to use the tables, or read both Moon Sign articles and see which sounds more like you. Is there something else going on in your life which is causing you this constant worry? Or fear? Do you have a chronic illness or a relative that is draining your energy?

I just am not seeing a person who is so insecure and unsure of themselves with these planetary placements. Are you sure your BF is encouraging or is he condescending instead? There is enough other planetary help here to make you pick yourself up and not let the little things worry you so much. I'm not trying to demonize your BF, but you do actually need more space in a serious relationship. Maybe do something you always wanted to do but didn't, to give yourself more self-confidence.

Buy some new clothes, change your hairstyle, take a meditation or yoga course, that's a Pisces thing you would like. Are you worried about work or career? I truly feel it's some issue that's making you feel insecure, not your planetary makeup. I hope this helps you in some way, and if not, you may write back. I wrote articles on Mercury and Venus in all the zodiac signs too. I think you need to do something new to show yourself you are stronger and more secure than you think.

Go visit a country you have never been to, something like that. Sorry I know you probably don't answer these questions for free and understand if you can provide any insight. Many of your planets are in the last three houses of your chart, what is called the Eastern Hemisphere. This means you are self-motivating, initiating, action-oriented, and self assertive. You believe strongly in Free Will, which I like, because our astrology charts aren't fated, we always have Free Will and if we are forewarned about somethings in our lives or personalities, we have the ability to change that to a certain degree.

Your Mercury and Venus are also in Pisces. The Sun in Pisces means you are intuitive and sensitive, very caring and philanthropic. Mercury rules how you think, so you don't think with your head, but with your heart. Venus rules our social and love lives, so you are romantic and sensual, sort of ethereal. This Pisces stellium three or more planets in the same zodiac sign is in your 10th, or career house. So you would do well in a career that is oriented to caring for others, or performing some kind of service that helps them. One thing I notice is your Moon, which rules your emotions, is in Taurus.

This means you are loyal and devoted in love and to friends. But it's in the 12th house of secret sorrows, and right now planet Uranus is in Taurus as well, in the beginning, degrees. So is the issue some kind of emotional burden or sudden change which is causing this difficult period? Taurus is a stubborn sign, and Uranus rules chaos, so this may be upsetting you. It will pass in a while as Uranus moves on. The Gemini Ascendant means that is how others see you. Geminis come across as smart, well versed in what's going on in the world, and lively. You are fun, although underneath you do take life pretty seriously.

You are psychic with all those planets in Pisces, and moods of those around you can be affecting you too. Try to stay away from others who make you feel bad or bring you down. You also have Pluto in your 6th, or health house, so there can be a change in your health in some way. It's not something to get scared about, promise, it's more likely affecting your mental outlook. I hope that helps you a little bit. Remember, all things must pass. Take care. Will I ever gain confidence and find a career path?

Why do I keep attracting toxic people? Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. It doesn't sound like she is that interested in you. Maybe you should try to find someone new. Use common sense. I wanna marry a cancerian.. What should I do now? I really love her a lot. You are describing Gemini traits. I think the job as a fitness trainer is good for you, as Geminis are the communicators of the zodiac. Did you marry in haste or too young?

I can't tell a lot by a Sun sign, and don't do whole astrology charts from here, this is a group writer's site and I contribute to it. I would be more concerned about my marriage than my job, unless your partner is unhappy about that job. All I can suggest is communicating together. But don't stay if you are very unhappy.

I was born 31st of May , i am so inquisitive, i love to know about things, i often live in my head but i tend to have solution for other peoples problem. Here are my questions, i dont know why i struggle with my marriage despite my Faithfulness, i devoted to my career as a fitness trainer yet getting little in return. It's your Mercury or Venus positions which would rule these areas, not a Sun sign. And nobody is born on a cusp, when we are born the Sun is always in a specific time.

If you take your complete birthday, you should be able to look it up online, or come back to me. Aquarius or Pisces don't cause the types of issues you are describing. I was born on February 18, I've read enough to know that I'm on the Aquarius Pisces cusp. I'm having an especially hard time balancing out all of these traits, especially at work.

I find it difficult to maintain habits, and confront people without my words being misunderstood, or mistaken for being hostile. At the wrong times, I clam up or stutter, or I'll make a cheeky remark at the wrong time. Communication seems to be my biggest weakness.. My coworkers are mostly concerned with drama, but I want to connect with them in a neutral way. It's hard.

FULL MOON in PISCES September 13, 12222 ~ Theme: Higher Love ~

We're different in every way, and I can't see a way around that. I am very sorry, but I would have to cast and interpret a whole astrology chart to answer these questions. I can be found at jeanbakula wordpress. You can see what info I need and my prices. This is a group site I contribute to, and I am a freelance writer. It's meant for simple questions regarding the article I wrote, in this case, Negative Astrology Sign Characteristics. It takes hours to cast and interpret an astrology chart, and I don't do that for free.

You wouldn't either. I was married to a Taurus man for 34 yrs. He was a wonderful and kind man, the love of my life. And thankfully we had a great neighbor who was into home improvement projects, so my Bull didn't have to do them! I only know about you as much as you told me here, so I'll try to help if I can. I don't know what experience s you had that brought you closer to God, so it's a little confusing. But since you have a husband and family, and companions, I don't think God would require you to seclude yourself from those you love in order to worship.

We all have some friends that can be bad influences. Have you joined a new church, or met a new religious group who is pressuring you to leave your family? If you are being pressured to distance yourself from family, I would be wary of this. It sounds like a cult. You have to be true to yourself, but I have concerns about why this is happening now and if the influence really is God, or people who are trying to isolate you from the family.

That's not good and it doesn't sound safe. On the other hand, DO you want to leave them all to join a new religious group? I am not a Christian, but I have read the whole Bible, and something seems off to me. Are these people asking for money, in addition to saying you should leave your loved ones to worship this God? Capricorn and Scorpio are good together. How long have you felt this desire to leave the family to prove your devotion?

It seems sudden if your family is so against it. I realize that the disciples left everything to follow Jesus, but that was then, and Jesus isn't here now except in our hearts and so on. I would slow down a little. I don't understand why the sudden change, or if it was sudden. But it sounds like it was the way you describe it.

If you want to talk more, I am at moongene optonline. There are ways to serve God, by working with the sick and poor ones, without abandoning your family. Please let me know how it's going, OK? Love, Jean. Jean, I am a Capricorn woman. Is it wrong for me to seclude. Myself from my family and there companion. I'm becoming a Christian woman of GOD. My family exspecially my husband is against me and my belief. He's a Scorpio. They say I'm doing to much. Because my love for GOD is so. Am I doing the right thing by distancing myself? Really need to know am I a positive thinker or negative thinker and am I most likely to achieve my goals in life.

Thank you for listening and God bless you.. Taurus people like relaxing and comfort, but are also hardworking. They will work to achieve and get all the nice things out of life. I don't think Taurus people are aloof. But they usually aren't chatty. They speak when they have something to say and then they say a lot. I was married to one for 34 years and dated him for 5 before that. They don't jump into things, but I am Cancer and don't either.

He passed away 4 yrs. Two water signs will get along well, but since all the planets are in a sign, that's where the issue lies. Scorpios are steadfast and loyal friends. I just came home from the funeral of a Scorpio friend of 35 years, and I don't know what I'll do without him. He was there every time I needed a friend.

Being Cancer myself, I've been surrounded by Scorpios all my life, and can vouch for that kind of loyalty. You can't get that just anywhere. Scorpios have it in spades. Normally a Pisces is more timid than a Scorpio, the domineering attitude and control doesn't sound Pisces. I'm thinking maybe he has a few planets in Aries? You can try Cafe Astrology to find out.

Yes, watch out for addictions, they are gentle people and sometimes need a little "help" dealing with how harsh the world is. Normally they do know what it's like to walk in another person's shoes. It's the last sign of the zodiac. So in Astrology, most of us believe in reincarnation, and being Pisces, he's been all the other signs. I also think he sounds a bit Scorpio, maybe he has a planet or two there? My best friend is a Pisces and although i love him dearly man sometimes we clash. He can never be wrong and is so domineering when it comes to his opinion on something he believes in.

It's important to look at the Trinity of Sun, Moon and Ascendant. You have to interpret each planet in the astrology sign it is ink, and the house of the 12 houses it is in. The distance each planet is from each other are called aspects, and most people have at least 20 strong ones. It takes a good hours to interpret an astrology chart.

I am glad you are finding enlightenment. You seem to have misunderstood the premise of that article. Also, Scorpio is overrated. Half of my email is about Scorpio. Other signs are just as magnetic and sexy, or certain aspects are. Everyone is too fixated on Scorpio. Pisces people are the most psychic.

Maybe you felt a guardian angel, or someone you loved and lost. Pisces is the last sign, so your soul has been through all the rest of them. Meditate or close your eyes and sit quietly, you may see this "shadow"or person again. I saw a vision of myself from hundreds of years ago, it looked like Ireland. I had long red hair I'm blond and was watching horses with a young man, Donal. I believe he was my husband in another life. While meditating like I explained to you, he told me his name.. I feel some kind of shadow ,I saw person but can't draw him..

Well, I did write that in humor, it wasn't meant to hurt anyone. Being a perfectionist though, you are probably critical of others. Just try to compliment the good things others do and try to keep quiet about the negative, but not if it's driving you crazy. Also, Virgos tend to be hypochondriacs, but on the good side, you take care of your health more than most people, and probably try to do t he same for those youcare about.

Being Cancer myself, I like Virgos, they are intelligent and like to have a lot of interests, good conversationalists. Don't beat yourself up so much. Each astrology sign is a reaction against the traits in the one before it. Scorpio's negativity and sarcasm, obsessions with sex and death, need the sunny and optimism of Sagittarius to even things out again. Although Scorpios are a water sign and can be dreamy and creative with the right aspects.

The way astrology goes is that the next sign in the order of the 12 is a lesson or correction against the sign before it. Pisces is not really negative, they are just more easily swayed. Everyone has faults. The over optimism and perhaps large spending of money for an ill thought out project, or being scatter brainy, two Sag traits, is Capricorn. I think Pisces should be before Sagittarius, as being dreamy is more negative than overly optimistic!

We all have Free Will. We all also have good aspects and hard aspects in our astrology charts. She isn't making the best of her best qualities, or is lost right now or confused. I do answer short questions, but this is too much for an HP forum. Maybe try talking to her? Plus if you know enough astrology to know she has a "great chart" why don't you do it?

My sister has a great chart but she is a terrible person. Why is this? August 22, am NYC. I can look it up for you. What city and Country were you born in? If it's a real little town, give me the nearest larger city. If you think it's Libra, you are probably right. If it's Scorpio, you would be somewhat intimidating to people. But I can find out for sure. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, so they are the "babies.

Scorpios can go both ways. That's why they are symbolized by the Eagle, Snake and Phoenix. The difficult ones are snakes.

The Eagles will be almost tender about something or someone they care about. The Phoenix can rebuild a life after it's been ruined. Sorry you got one of the harder ones. If you are still together, and tell him how much it hurts you, he may stop. Thanks for reading and commenting, and good luck to you. Water signs are still good for you, try a Cancer or Pisces! You were spot on with the way you delivered these signs. I'm a Capricorn and everything you said about us is true. I happened to be engaged to a Scorpio and you were spot on about his sign too.

I agree with Karthikash, about Scorpio being one of if not the most vengeful sign out of all the Zodiacs. My Scorpio holds serious grudges; and even if you apologize profusely, he still brings up things from the past. Also, an astrology lif e chart is more about who you are, how others see you, and how you feel about all the different issues and relationships in your life. Sometimes people feel they don't give specific info for one question like that. All of these readings are time consuming and a lot of work, since I don't use computer sites, I do it with books and interpret myself.

Thanks for reading my hubs. Let me know if you want a Tarot reading. Yes, I am interested in Edgar Cayce, I've read a lot about him. As far as Astrology is concerned, I also interpret how important a planet is by it's distance from other planets, the house it's in, and by what other planets it makes aspects to. So many aren't aware that astrology is more than the sign the Sun was in at a particular time, or that all the planets and other issues affect a horoscope.

As far as Cayce is concerned, I believe he got more info from his trance states. Thanks for reading and commenting. I noticed in another article that you seem to respect Edgar Cayce's work. As you probably know, Cayce's guidance talked a fair amount about astrology. Contrary to the modern movement of pop astrology, Cayce's guidance didn't put much focus on Zodiac Signs for the most part, but rather most of the emphasis was put on Planetary indications.

Many ancient astrological cultures, also emphasized planetary strengths rather than Signs. My own experience as a long time astrologer, and my own case, bears out that often Planetary indications are a more important and powerful factor than Signs to look at. Then Neptune is fairly highlighted, and with Pisces S. Node, the combo of which makes me feel and act in many ways, both far more Jupitarian and to slightly lesser extent, Piscean like.

Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. Never have been materialistic or materially ambitious as Capricorns are often described, always have been philosophical, metaphysical, and spiritual oriented.

ezromdadu.cf Always have been very "universal" oriented, which is interesting because Cayce's guidance said that the Consciousness level that Jupiter represents is that of Universal Consciousness. I've also been told by sensitives that can see aura's, that I have a lot of purple in my aura, which I've long associated with Jupiter. Anyways, thought I would put out that often Signs are more a wavering, or "outer life" indication rather than related to deep seated, deeper, more consistent character traits.

For example, an Aries Sun, whom also has Mars very highlighted. This is a good question and something people don't usually pick up on. Opposite signs often have a lot of the same traits. They may act them out a bit differently, but the opposite signs want the same things.

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Both are fixed signs, so you don't change your mind a lot, but need a lot of proof before you make a decision. Also, you may have other planets or your Moon in Scorpio. But don't worry about it, what you say is valid. Thanks for writing in. Im a Taurus but when i read scorpio things i see myself, why is that? Even my ascedant isn't scorpio. Very informative and interesting hub! Looking forward to reading more astrology related hubs from you.

Thanks for adding some new info to this article. I always found it interesting it's one of my most visited, even though it is about the negative traits of the signs. I had fun writing it though. Ask venusianvirgo a question anons leo mc leo midheaven. Ask neptunianmermaid a question libra rising venus trine ascendant leo mc anon ask. Ask mercury-minded a question anon leo mc leo midheaven. Ask inchwormies a question astrology ask anon leo midheaven leo mc venus 10th leo venus.

Ask inchwormies a question leo mc leo midheaven libra rising. Ask neptunianmermaid a question Anon ask libra rising Leo MC astrology aries in the 7th house. Ask gg-astrology a question leo leo mc astrology asks midheaven leo midheaven anon asks. Thank you! Ask leojupiter a question andredopal leo mc 10th house astrology mine answered. What would their hair be like as well? Ask inchwormies a question libra rising leo mc astrology ask anon. Originally posted by teenager-stuff Originally posted by lovepeacexxoo. Ask tinybeanhealing a question leo mc astrology leo midheaven gifs Anonymous.

Ask neptunianmermaid a question Taurus sun aries moon libra rising leo mc anon ask astrology. Ask rulingplanets a question pisces moon libra scorpio rising leo MC pisces cancer aries taurus sagittarius capricorn astrology answered Anonymous. Ask its-astrological a question leo midheaven leo mc. The saddest thing, though, is that my very Leo MC has been telling me since I was little that I want to be some famous celebrity.

How would I satiate these weird opposite sides of my personality? Ask tinybeanhealing a question astrology 12th house sun libra leo mc Anonymous. Leo mc Scorpio mc midheaven astrology leo midheaven Scorpio midheaven. Originally posted by usedpimpa Originally posted by ineedakpopgif Originally posted by dailyskyfox Originally posted by fromthemotionpicture.

Midheaven in taurus cafe astrology
Midheaven in taurus cafe astrology
Midheaven in taurus cafe astrology
Midheaven in taurus cafe astrology
Midheaven in taurus cafe astrology
Midheaven in taurus cafe astrology
Midheaven in taurus cafe astrology
Midheaven in taurus cafe astrology
Midheaven in taurus cafe astrology

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