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It can take you a long time to make your mind up. Once you do — it is a fait accompli. The Full Moon brings creative vibes and romance to your 5th house of love and fun. Mercury direct clears his head and gets to work with Mars in your 11th house of friendships and brings rewards from your efforts in your career you kicked off at the last full moon.

This Full moon invites you to clear your head of limited perspectives about yourself and doubts that undermine your profound abilities. Make a go of it — now is a powerful time to climb to new heights and make a name for yourself in your work. Throw yourself into the efforts ahead of you and reap recognition you deserve further down the line. The issue for you is keeping at something before getting onto the next exciting thing.

With Mercury direct aligned with Mars in your 9th house of the Quest, journeying and the big picture — you can rest assured you are still on track. Let the Merc retro musings find their place, recalibrate — and then get back into the adventure. Your ruler Jupiter leaves Virgo for Leo on September Full moon glows in your 3rd house of communication and ideas — your mindset brightens and you think laterally about how to solve the challenges you are facing.

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Add 2 eclipses into the mix and a Mercury retrograde and we have a whole other you before us at this full moon. With your ruler Saturn readying to move after 2. Venus opposes your sign, in Cancer, sweetening your relationship and drawing you deeper into love. Mars and Mercury direct in your 8th house of intimacy and debt help you understand what you need to share and what you are willing to give to your beloved, and what you need to leave behind from your past to be you — right now — in all your potential. Aquarians are attuned to a different rhythm and bring their wisdom to the cause of all — truly individual but devoted to the common good — this Full moon invites you to engage deeply with your personal destiny.

Mars and Mercury direct oppose the Full moon and move through your 7th house of partnerships and relationships. Clear insight, dissatisfaction with where the boundaries lie and potential conflict that arises from these insights can overshadow the recent progress in your significant relationships. Ketu has now left Aquarius bringing his liberating power to your unconscious mind and turning your mind to the deeper spiritual dimensions of your life.

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With the Full Moon in Aquarius you are invited to see what remains about who you thought you were and then breathe new life into your identity and appearance in the world. Your vivid dreams speak in symbol and story to the greater mythos of your life. Mars and Mercury direct in your 6th house of health and healing bring recovery and resilience to your health but can agitate on your day-job. Jupiter your ruler is leaving your 7th house of partnerships taking the focus from you-and-them to the intimate aspect of the relationship, shared resources and the private sphere of life.

Venus aspects your sign bringing grace and feeling to your 5th house of romance and creativity making this full moon cycle a dreamy time laden with emotive experiences. She has over 13 yrs experience as a reader. Why is that? I want to be able to look at the sky at night and see the planets in the constellations they are in, right now.

Not a theoretical calculation.

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Mars Direct! Return of vitality, drive and forward movement.

Ok so star positions are slowly shifting - but why do we continue to antiquated positions?

Mars is the Lord of courage, energy and movement. In the Tarot this energy is embodied in the Tower card. Mars retrograde in Scorpio since April 18 dissolved internal emotional structures, psychological crutches and emotional blockages, by bringing them to the surface in all their sharp pain to be faced and dissolved.

Saturn also retro in Scoprio made us sit with it. He has turned direct and races out of the depths of retrograde carrying the first understanding of our inner transformation to our conscious awareness. Mercury retro is over and lost mail returns! Could anything be more Mercury retro than getting a Christmas card sent Dec22 on May 24?

And with that Mercury is stationary direct. On stationary direct days it can be hard to focus but once you get to it, things start to build.

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Love Asha. Venus and Jupiter are planets of blessing — allow them to work their easy, gracious charm into the next month. Allow the returning power of Jupiter to fill up a place you have made especially to gather in this blessing. Jupiter has been retrograde for a long time — last year he expanded everything in the kingdom of Leo; bringing good luck, recognition and warm loyalty from others. Then mid January things seemed to stop expanding and luck dried up…Jupiter went retrograde.

He has spent much of that time conjunct Rahu — the North Node. Rahu expands whatever he touches, he whirls and disrupts and brings power to the surface — Rahu is a difficult, dangerous, winner-takes-all energy. Rahu has been eclipsing Jupiter, weak in his retrograde motion swallowing up his blessing. Now Jupiter is moving away from Rahu in direct motion and you can expect a return to those positive, hopeful feelings in early January and to finish off what was started then.

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Jupiter will leave Leo for Virgo late August this year. The Sun moves into his strongest position in Aries on April Strong fire energy and flowing feminine power rule the sky. The Sun and Venus express the masculine and feminine of our most personal lives. This is a place where ages change within our lives, a time we can liberate ourselves from all that we have worked through in the last year or even the larger cycles of our lives if we choose to.

It is also a place of beautiful magic, of liberation — of an open, shining heart.

Leo Horoscope 12222

She blesses love, art, painting, poetry and reconciliation of hearts. There is a sense of beautiful surface and something strange going on underneath. Mercury joins them from April 28 and when he reemerges in May along with Jupiter, the goings on underneath will reveal themselves. But right now, this Pisces Revati Moon illuminated by the exalted Queen of Heaven Pisces calls us to courageously open our wiser heart, to breathe love into the cracks and begin anew.

Your importance cannot be estimated. Any individual or thing gains in importance simply by gaining your attention. At your best you take up a great and worthy work at the centre of many and for the good of all. Thus you enjoy all the good in life without guilt or self doubt. Your reputation precedes you everywhere and many people you will never know discuss your every move. You like to hold gatherings and surround yourself with interesting creative gifted and witty people. You also insist on being invited to the main event.

There are many things in life that are just quite simply and naturally beneath you. You notice everything but choose to overlook a lot of what you see. Those things you overlook have a way of coming back to irritate or embarrass you. The day you stop overlooking and start overseeing and in turn directing, is the day your life takes a big turn for the better. The main thing is to overcome the mere feeling of self importance and actually become actively and functionally important.

You have terrific energy and can accomplish more in a day than most people in a week. You also have an absolute genius for getting people to do things for you. If inclined towards business or corporate life you are unstoppable and can build a personal empire with an ease that often causes those less gifted to cry foul. Your innate sense of entitlement and freedom from guilt makes you a natural entrepreneur. Much as you demand wealth it is never only the money you are after, it is the glory and the admiration of your few peers. When offended you can be extremely vindictive, and arrange some legal form of revenge but you usually relent before carrying it out.

You disdain the petty the mean and the small minded. You believe in fair play and never try to keep anyone down. In fact you always challenge those around you to do their best. That rare one can appear who is a marvel of intelligent efficiency and loyalty. You love natural surroundings and wilderness areas. Horses and dogs are often important to you. And you can mourn the passing of a beloved creature as if it were a real member of the family. In love you are devoted passionate and deeply sensual reveling in every detail of the love affair. You can be extremely generous and almost sickeningly doting towards the object of your affections. Rhapsodic music and extravagant outbursts of passion are the order of the day. Extravagant gifts the best seats in the theatre, that special private table in the exclusive restaurant.

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