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Test Now! As the December 29th zodiac sign is Capricorn, you are serious-minded. This could be due to a lack of having ample funds but you come back quickly from setbacks. At work, you see to it that you have a strong and harmonious atmosphere. You tend to dislike gossip or anything that would upset the mood of your employees or coworkers. The December 29 birthday horoscope shows that you make an interesting friend and business associate. You are serious about life in general but have a special interest in giving back to your community. You like having your family around you.

Find What Your Star Sign Is Name: Date of Birth: January February March April May June July August September October November December 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 As a lover, you can be jealous. This does not look good for you, Capricorn. Health conditions are likely good but you tend to let stress get the best of you.

Try working out on a regular basis but especially before you go to bed. Music also soothes the savage beast in the December 29 birthday personality! Your ruling planet is Saturn that symbolizes the God of Karma. It stands for reality, limitations, patience, and grounding in life. This card symbolizes clairvoyance, wisdom, feminine influence and reflection of ideas. Number 2 — This number signifies cooperation, diplomacy, modesty, sincerity, and spirituality. Number 5 — This number signifies new experiences, expansiveness, and freedom.

Indigo: This color stands for spiritual perception, mystical qualities, and royalty. White: This is a color known for its wholeness, openness, independence, and purity. Saturday — This is the day of planet Saturn and is a day of assessing the work you have done and remain grounded with your success. Monday — This is the day of the Moon that represents caring, nurturing, emotional healing.

Garnet gemstone improves sexuality, passion, and feelings of love in relationships. All the characters are so awesome!!! I am totally in love with these books!!! Thank you for wrighting them!!!!! My friend and I had a question about Kai though…Whats his last name? I am very OCD about technicalities and would like to know hypothetically if Cinder and Kai were to have a baby, what would it look like?

S are you coming to FL for one of the stops on your Winter book tour? My friend and I are dying of suspense. What about some of the other Characters like Peoney and Emperor Rikitan i know there not very important characters but I would still like to know a little bit more about them. I have read all of them except for Fairest. Ok, now for the question. I would adore that. Btw, my favorite male character is Wolf. Such beautiful creatures. And Thorne somewhat reminds me of Flynn Rider from Tangled.

Hey, while listening to music I do the same thing. Or with other books I have read. Scarlet throws in a couple French words when she talks, hinting that she might not actually be speaking French. Also, it is mentioned that Thorne has an American accent. Would this be an American accent while speaking English or while speaking another language? Hi Marissa, I love love love love love love your books. I have the whole series sitting on my series shelf in a place of honor. They all have to wear pants. I learned this not too long ago when my mom was shopping for clothing.

Lots of love to you and your characters, Ellis. Also Kai. You should really read it. It has romance, and action, and death, and suspense, and secrets. Anyways, thank you for writing!!!!!!!!!! Gillian, It hints in Cress that there is a universal language that everyone speaks. It would be a big change, but no bigger than almost countries compacting down to six. This is probably what the Rampion crew speaks, and most likely is also the language on Luna.

This is why the people from different countries also have their own languages and accents. Anyway, I hope this helps. Lots of love to fellow readers, Lilliana. A character with a birthday close to mine Go Cinder! I saw on Wikipedia you signed a movie deal! Tell me when you start casting? Any outfit suggestions? What dresses does she wear? What shoes does she wear?

I want to get everything spot on! Whoop whoop. Still Cinder all the way though. Thorne is the best. Kai is adorable. The a Scarlet and Wolf situation needs to be fixed. The Scarlet and Wolf situation needs to be fixed. I know that they speak a universal language, but does that mean that thats the only language spoken?

I know that there are mentions of other languages but would they be secondary to the universal language? I was wondering because I was curious to if Scarlet sounds like she has an accent to Cinder like Thorne has his American accent. Ok, so I just started the series and I have literally finished both Cinder an Scarlet in two days. They were that good in my opinion. Your books are honestly one of my favorites I have ever read I am a bookworm and find much joy in reading so that is saying quite a lot but I am just worried that by the time I am finished with Fairest, it will be months until Winter is released!

To tell the truth, before I read this article I imagined Cinder to be a short, pale girl with dark blonde hair. Love the series! Way, way, way, way, way, way sorry about that last comment! Anyway, HI!!!!! Or is is ankles? I was only wondering because on the front cover her hair is way longer than I thought it was.

I honestly think the same thing. Maybe Wolf is the hunter? And I automatically love you because you like to think. Anyway, this comment has gone on way too long. LOVE to everyone and anyone who loves to read!! See you lunartics later, Adyson. Thanks to all the people who helped me! Now that the book Fairest has been released will there be one of these made for Levana, glamoured and not glamoured.

Or maybe just one. It would be great to see one for her. Thank You. Hi Marissa. Where did you come up with this idea!? Then, it would be my name!!! In our class your book was sitting on our shelf for about 4 months. I would read any of your books. Classic old tales meet futuristic world! Definitely waiting anxiously for the finale, Winter. Could you let me know where you have these complete profiles? This is great! What does Iko look like in book one? I love your books, and wonder how you came up with The Lunar Chronicles title? Also how did you come up with the character names?

I have started to plan out a series of my own and do you think maybe…….. Do you think you can give me some tips on writing good novels? Also, if you had to choose one of your favorite male characters in your series only one who would it be? How do you pronounce Iko and Jacin? Me and friends all love your books and their names have become our biggest topics of discussion argument. Also, is there a possibility of a Lunar chronicles movie series?

I think your incredible creativity deserves to be as well known as the Hunger Games. If you were to read it, it would be the greatest moment of my life! Thank you for the character profiles. I just wanted to let you know that TLCs transcend age and have a truly timeless quality. Rebecca Soler is a fabulous reader.

I look forward to Winter. Thanks again! This series was wayy too good. You need to extend it to book 5 or at least start another series after the third era with different characters but in the same world!!!!!!! I honestly do not think Cinder is Asian. Cinder is a great, well-developed character, but I have a very visual mind, so for me figuring out exactly what a character looks like is very important. Hi everyone, I have started a Lunar Chronicles board on my pintrest account taluvdance , and I want it to become really big!

Please join!!! Just got here, absolutely LOVE this website! I LOVE your books so much!!!!! Are you thinking about writing any others? Thanks so much for this page, I am trying to draw a few of the characters and am struggling without their heights!!!! Thanks for the Character Traits! I love knowing even the tiniest bit of things when re-reading the books and yes, I re-read the books while waiting for Winter and Heartless. I also have a question— what about the Character Traits for Levena? I would actually seem to want to know about her, so I can visualize for the 3rd time reading Cinder, the 2nd reading Scarlet, and the 3rd time reading Cress.

Anyway, thanks for all the books and taking up countless numbers of my weekends. It was a pleasure. What about Levana???? Can you post one for her!? I love how well you made the separate fairytales fit together, the way you wrote lunar chronicles is amazing!! The techniques you used to keep the reader hooked is fantastic, you skipped to another persons point of view just when things were getting exciting, making the reader compelled to get to the next chapter.

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But I love this technique because it was used it in each characters point of view, keeping the reader me in suspense at all times. I mostly love her back story because it shows how she tried to come into a loving family, but they rejected her leaving her alone in the world. I love Cinder because I understand her feelings better than the others. I hope these comments obove and below will give you more confidence for your following books to come!! I love your series so much, it is my favourite series!

I love how everything just came together, the characters and the stories! I love Cinder and Scarlet and Cress because princesses who can fight and save themselves! I have a red hoodie like she does I love Wolf She had big brown eyes so do I! Anyways Marissa I would love to meet you in the future please come to London.

I know you have no control over that but still hoping it does!! I absolutely love it! I was completely heartbroken, and yes, I did cry. Oh wow, look at that, Scarlet and I have the same birthday, yay! Really though, I love your books. I usually hate dystopian society books, and when my friend told me about Cinder I thought I would hate it. I read the first three in 5 days and I am re-reading them over and over again! Fairest I have started and loving it! I laughed and cried and shivered and giggled the whole time I was reading these.

This is officially my favorite series EVER!! I do have a question or two though: Do you pronounce Iko as eeco or icko? Aces, I cannot get over these books!!! I really really love the lunar chronicles series, but I just have one question regarding Kai. Were you intending for him to find out about Cinder being Princess Selene until the end of the third book? I remember reading the third book and encountering instances such as pages … It was almost painful to watch… Did something not work out… Some sort of discrepancy with the rest of the series?

You are an amazing author! Will the fact that Lunars can now catch the plauge help the rebellion in Winter? Poor Dr. And I freaked out. So my question is whether these character traits completely fixed? Or are they more fluid? I love how specific you made these! I have been obsessed with the lunar chonicals and they should make these books a movie, in my opinion. Plz keep writing forever! You did everyone else but her and dr. Lol that was my fangirl moment. We have the exact same birthday. We sure act the same though. I like to pretend we are.

On a screen it seems so easy. Or just faint. Have you ever considered actually coming to schools and talking about your book? I really love the books and I lent mine to a friend she gave them back. The whole time I was scared for my books We both love the series but at my school no one knows what it is. I just have to find a good writing space.

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And do a lot of research. Yep all I do is sit behind a screen for hours scouring Wattpad for fanfictions and interesting stories… Sorry if this was kind of long. Cress is born only seven days after me! Though 4 years before. Also, her mannerisms is exactly what I do.

I also have her mask of freckles on my face. That makes me happy. Though the movie may turn out acceptional, there is still a slight chance that it will not live up to the expectations readers may have and id like to think we expect nothing less than the magnificance of the books. However, if they did ever make a movie, we can only hope that it brings our imagination to life in the most brightest way possible. I love your books Marissa Meyer! Hi Marissa!!! You are my all time favorite author and i love u!!!

Thanks for making me happy through your books!!! And how far into the future does it all take place? If you read Fairest, there are tons of spoilers, plus you learn what Levana looks like… it actually made me feel bad for her. Hi Marissa, I just wanted to know why you use the word galaxy?

Are you referring to the whole milky way or just earth and Luna? When you use the word galaxy it makes me wonder if you mean more than earth and Luna. Also has earth colonized any other planets and moons? Also, isnt winter half caucasian, since her mother is solstice hayle? Im surprised nobody else noticed this.

Kai and I have the same birthday! Oh my gosh, I was looking at this again and I just figured this out. I was born in July, like Cress and she was born in August, like Scarlet. Scarlet is also 2 years older than Cress and my best friend is 2 years older than me. By the way Marissa Meyer.

Thank you so much for writing this series. I love it so much. Ever since I started reading it, it has literally changed me life. So thank you. Agh, these were so helpful! It somehow pleases me that I look quite a bit like Cinder. Thanks for putting these on the website!

Jaime: Thanks! I love knowing how characters look! Persephone: I love how detailed this is. I always write about my characters before I write something! This is awesome! I love Wolf! When i went through all of them i did not for some reason believe their ages like i thought they were all teens like like cinder i thought she was 18 not 16 and same with cress and wolf i thought he was 20 for some reason Kai i dont know why but i knew he was 18 for some reason like i knew there ages but i thought u were tricking us readers or something like cinder is only 16 and she has all this responsibility same with Kai like damn by the way i would just like to say all the main characters that are boys are like super cute.

Levana took her in when she married Evret. Long story, read Fairest. Also: thanks for these! They are so much fun, and extremely helpful. I love drawing characters from books and this was of huge assistance. Just realized that the question I just attempted to answer was written a year ago, oops….

I feel you. I think that either Winter will rule Luna or it will kinda be like Canada. They elect their leader or just have a government that rules. Not to mention that all Lunars get those chip thing-a-ma-jigs that Cinder had. Maybe all the Earthens will get them too, in battle. Does he have a specific name? Scarlet is my favorite character because we both have such similar personalities and I think its also funny how both of us are leos.

This is one of the favorite books in my whole bookcase, but since ive been looking for images of how Cinder, Scarlet, Winter and Cress look, I found out people kept making Cinder look Asian, and since i read that her supposably parents died in a fire in France. My favorite character is Cinder! Unlike, Scarlet who waited forever to be with Wolf and Cress who was awfully nice.

Cinder unexpectably acts okay with the whole im-cyborg-and-lost-princess-who-is-wanted-to-be-killed-by-half-the-world. What about Iko? Later on, I created a mindset that Cinder was Asian, desperately clinging on to an oppurtunity of racial diversity in a book series. And now, here it is, said in print! Its really comforting to know that some of the characters are asian.

Im asian too. And will. Except for levana. I just think that if the people they said were her parents before she found she was Lunar, Were said to be french,she would look British ,not Asian. Will there be second Generations? It would be really cool. When I read a really good book series I get sad when all the adventure is over. If you are going to continue please, please do it because I absolutely love this series. Even just writing this I am fangirling uncontrollably. Lots of people have been saying that cresswell is one sided. I personally love them both and do not think it is one sided.

Urdu horoscope today pisces

I think that Thorne loves her as much as she loves him but what do you think? Is it a one sided relationship or is what I think true. You are my favorite author and your books are amazing. I am a crazy lunartic!! I was the one who commented most recently. I always thought Scarlet had… well, scarlet hair… but this profile is amazing. Thanks for the descriptions! By the way, my favorite characters are Wolf and Scarlet, they are awesome!!

Jacin and Winter are in second place! I really love them all. Keep up the good work! Also, what does Levana truly look like? In Cinder, it just says she has a little bit of assymettry. But in Fairest, she um…… Has some much bigger problems. Why does she look different? First, I would like to say that I absolutely love your books!

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Once I started reading them I just had to read the next book after the last one. I have a few questions about your books at least. But what does Levanna look like from behind that veil that she wears all the time? Will Levanna reveals her true self to Luna and Earth? And once Cinder becomes the real queen of Luna, will she marry Prince Kai?

And Scarlet to Wolf. Huge thanks to you. Dear Marissa, What year does A. Was there a particular year? Cinder is by far the best character in my opinion! I can hardly wait until the new installments come out! Hi Ms Meyer! How do the languages work? I have just finished reading Winter and am sad that it is over! But I would also like to have a little more information on what Wolf looks like Spoiler Alert after his new modification into yet another mutant soldier. All of these descriptions really helped me picture the characters better except for that one little Wolf one that comes later in the last book!

What font do you use when writing the titles? Just wondering because I love it! Also I just want to say thanks so much for these books because they are so amazing I have no words for them. I am currently reading Winter and so far it is really funny. After reading the profiles I discovered that Cinder has the same birthday as me! Okay Spoilers. I just finished reading Winter. Cinder has the same birthday as me!! I am one of your hugest fans. I have read your books and I love all of them. I was waiting for your book Winter since late last year and I was so happy when it came out. I got it right away.

You are one of my favorite authors. I was wondering if you can answer some my questions. If so, where in the city? Thank You so much for taking the time to read my comment, hopefully you reply back to me. Mayesha Hoque. Scarlet and I have the same horoscope sign….. Sagittarius My birthday is on November 30th though but the same horoscope is still nice and relatable. Eh, oh well. But I ship every character so hard, though.

And not just with the original pairings. I absolutely loved all the books!!!!!!! They are my new favorites!! I was soooo excited when I discovered this page because I just love being able to know all the specifics of my favorite characters! So I was wondering, where on the website can I see the complete profiles? Also I love your books, they are so amazing! What will be your next series? I love your books and for the directors, they should really make the Cinder series movies.

I think some of the confusion in the comments stems from the difference between Race and Ethnicity. Ethnicity, however, refers to cultural factors, including nationality, regional culture, ancestry, and language. An example of race is brown, white, or black skin all from various parts of the world , while an example of ethnicity is German or Spanish ancestry regardless of race. So if Cinder is listed as.. I am assuming the decision for her to go live with a family in The Commonwealth specifically was because of her European and Asian ancestry and their visible traits.

Much easier for her to blend in if her physical traits, minus the cyborg parts, are the same as those around her. It also seems groups have been kept very separate on Lunar so the normal blending that would happen over time was greatly slowed keeping their historical Earth Ethnicities visible much longer. I was really wondering about why Cress was named Crescent Moon. Most of the other fairy tale based characters have names that either symbolize something from their original story, or are related in some way. If it was a deliberate decision, are you willing to share the rationale behind it, or is it something we fans have to figure out??

Also, I truly appreciate the world and character building you accomplished with this novel. Everything is so creative, and the characters truly grow throughout the course of the series. So is Cinder caucasian or asian? Hi Marissa so I was wondering Is Cinder caucasian or asian? D if you have to end cress in a cliffhangers? Also, can u tell us more about cress being friends with Jacin but then going against her in the satellite that the rampion is attacked on? Can you write more series like this is you find time because u r an amazing author?

I have loved many books and loved them, but none are as unique and impressive as yours. I loved each one and I call my best friend Cinder and she calls me Winter. I am writing my own book called To the Moon and Back, and you are my full inspiration. I loved the books so much that once I accidently told a girl that she looked like Peony. I bet I sounded crazy to her. I get jitters sometimes…. I agree, Olive. I started to cry when I finished winter, and all of my friends looked at me like I was crazy.

Ive never had that reaction to a book before. I really enjoy reading the comments section of your blog posts! Thank you so much for writing such a great series, I loved every page of it! I love this series!! I love Winter! She is a cool princess! This is so cool, I wish more authors would do this. Maybe Thorne too. I love these books….

You seem super cool:. Hey Ms. Thank you so much for your incredible series that has left so many readers in all sorts of emotional states! Meyer, Cinder was suggested to my 12 year old son by his teacher of Italian. He loved the book, and I read it too, because I was curious. Then I bought him Scarlet, and bought the English version for myself.

Will you be creating a future story to go along with each characters future because I would be very happy with getting all those pieces…I finished winter yesterday and it ended great it answered all the questions I had when I finished the book however more are beginning to flood my mind and I hope you will consider creating a story like that Thanks Emie. In life, Capricorn is constantly seeking for an attractive and sensible partner and the most suitable to offer them this is the native from Cancer. Capricorn is thought to be least compatible with Sagittarius.

As for the rest of compatibilities between the other star signs and Capricorn, you know what they say, stars predispose but people dispose. Brown symbolizes conventional, natural and reservation. This zodiac color should be used in objects that surround the natives. People with brown as sign color are intelligent, orderly and stable. However they adapt with difficulty so they need to know exactly what to expect and this is why they tend to control everything around and push things their way no matter what.

Brown may not be something catchy or sparkly but it is reliable and peaceful, just like these natives. The mesmerizing Garnet is the representative Capricorn birthstone for those born under the December Garnet is a precious material that denotes faithfulness and reliability. The zodiac birthstone could be used in accessories and jewelry items.

It is thought to boost the confidence and self esteem of Capricorn. This stone is derived from the name meaning seeds: granatum. This gemstone comes in red, black and green shades. Another birthstone considered beneficial for Capricorn natives is Sapphire. It symbolizes sincerity and constancy.

This plant is known to symbolize warmth and romance. This zodiac flower should be used in decorations and other accessories.

December 30 - Birthday Horoscope Personality

This is the flower of passionate and ambitious achievers and is said to have been used in Greek coronation ceremonies. This flower can be found during summer time. Silver is the metal of preference for Capricorn natives, especially those born under the December Silver symbolizes sparkles and mystery. This zodiac metal could be used in accessories and decorative objects.

This precious metal reveals the natives tendency towards introspection and pondering on the deeper questions of life. Silver is also malleable and precious and can only bring good spirit to anyone wearing it.

Pisces daily horoscope - 29 December 2018

The personality of those born on December 29 is in a nutshell are frugal, resourceful and very determined when it comes to what they want to accomplish and they do make long term plans. Their attitude towards love and family suggests that they are courageous when in love and devoted when building a family. As for the money side of life, they seem to motivate themselves and to follow their duty to provide for their families, no matter how hard this might be. Health is an important aspect for them as they are very interested in maintain themselves healthy although at times they indulge with things they love.

Which do you believe is most influential for people belonging to December 29? You can answer this poll and see what others think:. This decan is strongly influenced by the planet Saturn. This is representative for people who are affectionate and reliable just like Capricorn and financially wise just like Saturn. This decan is said to be magnifying all characteristics of the Capricorn zodiac sign, both positive and negative. Being born on the 29th day of the month means attention, tolerance, idealism and emotivity.

The numerology for December 29 is 2. This number reveals balance and partnerships. It is the representative number for the desire of harmony and peace. Those Capricorn associated with this numerology can become great mediators and with age they will only turn wiser, gentler and incredibly more considerate to other people. December is the first winter month in the Northern Hemisphere, bringing the first snow of the year and the Christmas celebrations.

tlc family december 29 birthday astrology Tlc family december 29 birthday astrology
tlc family december 29 birthday astrology Tlc family december 29 birthday astrology
tlc family december 29 birthday astrology Tlc family december 29 birthday astrology
tlc family december 29 birthday astrology Tlc family december 29 birthday astrology
tlc family december 29 birthday astrology Tlc family december 29 birthday astrology
tlc family december 29 birthday astrology Tlc family december 29 birthday astrology
tlc family december 29 birthday astrology Tlc family december 29 birthday astrology

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