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Along with Jupiter I have Ketu in the 10th house as well. Does this form a Panch Mahapurush Yoga? I have mars debilitated in 5th house for pieces lagna and saturn exalted in 8th house aspecting mars.. I have virgo lagna with venus and mercury conjunct in 2nd house of libra with jupiter aspecting it from 6th house which is with moon in 6th house and saturn in 3rd house and mars exalted in 5th house interexchange between mars and saturn which planets are good for me..

Thanks for the answer…just wanted to know if such a mercury gets debilitated in navamsa in 1st house of pieces would such a mercury give bad result since it also gains digbala in 1st house and venus is in 4th house of gemini where again it gets digbala.. Hi vivek sir how are you..

Vipareeta Raja Yoga in Vedic Astrology

Does an exalted jupiter in 7th house give raja yoga for capricon asdentant.. No raj yoga with the 12th lord exalted in a Kendra. Hamsa yoga will give general benefic but not functional benefic results moon in 12th will make things worse and chances of a normal marriage will go to 0. What if a person has dharma karmatipati yoga in both his main d1 chart and navamsa chart in 1st and 2nd house does it increase the overall strenght of the chart..

In divisionals, you can not look at them as stand alone horoscopes. You have to analyze the dignity of the planets with respect to the main D1 chart only. Have heard that best results of dharma karmatipati yoga is seen for virgo lagna since both lord of 9th and 10th are benefic for lagna.. Are you aware of any yoga named vishnu yoga.. You can google Vishnu yoga and read on it.

Harsh Vipreet Raj Yoga

It is a very good yoga to have in a chart. For some people even though they make have a Pancha Maha Purusha Yoga etc. So, in that case, will such yogas get activated when the corresponding planet attains maturity age? Hi vivek sir Can graha mallika yog be considered on this basis off placement of planets in continuous 4 house as i am confused about continuous 5 house or 4 house and also mr pvr narsimh rao says that planets in continuous 4 houses can be considered as gahaha mallika yog.

Vivek-ji Are these graha mallika yoga or maala yoga in D1 but only 3 planets are involved nodes are not involved? These are part of Moksha trikona and not kendra. Hence , I think that it may not give material benefits but might help with Moksha.. Could be very good for the spiritual enlightenment of the individual. Generally speaking, the person will be kind hearted and have a spiritual or religious bent of mind. I am not sure how that is applicable but would like to know your view as per practical astrology and experience.

Thank you for help selfless service. A person is born with delibilated sun in swati nakshtra. Rahu is also there. Can initial part of Sun MD be trouble some. Could the period ease out after the initial years.

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Do we need to know the current transit. Please share. In order to analyze properly, I need to look at the chart which I can not due to time constraints. Have heard and seen on net and also from my experience that most of the richest people have Virgo,Libra and saggitarus ascendant is it true.. Could be your observation. I think no single lagna can be good in general so to speak. None of the dusthanas — 6,8,12 have a mooltrikona sign in them and the lord of 12th and 8th remain benefic as they rule trines also.

For pieces lagna Does a benefic aspect of jupiter in good house like from 4th house on other planet modify the evil results of bad planets.. However if pisces ascendant and Saturn is exalted in the 8th house, it will increase life span and not do much harm. Good observation. Though, for Gemini, Jupiter will suffer from Kendraadhipati dosha.

Need your help to understand upachya house and how the planet give results specific to 6th house.. Hi vivek sir Can a trikone lord form raj yoga in combination with kendra lord even though it is lord of dushthana also. If Saturn is in 7th house of cancer, it will aspect 9th house — Virgo. The house is empty. In this case will Saturn create obstacles in bhagya sthana and till what age.

Thanks and regards, ad. Hello VS: If a planet is debilitated in Rasi but sits in the previous bhav in Chalit, is it still debilitated to the same extent? In a kindali of virgo ascendant if mercury and venus conjunct together in 2nd house of libra within 7degree but mercury gets debilitated in navamsa in 1st house of pices would such a mercury now give bad effects to a native in its dasa and antardasa. In Navamsa a planet placed in exalted sign but bad house 6,8,12 would it still be considered good or planet placed in debilitation but in kendra house would be considered good…in short house placement is important or sign placement is important in navamsa.

Will Saturn still delay marriage? Does the Raj Yoga they form contribute positively to marriage? VS, is neech bhang seen only from lagna or also from chandra lagna? I have seen some conflicting information about this. However if a planet is in kendra from both moon and lagna, it becomes stronger in that regards. I have a question regarding Vipareetha Raja yoga wherein dusthana lords exchange houses between themselves. Which one gets precedence? Vivek sir According to mr pvr narsimha rao when 2 planets form a rajyog only the planet with more shadbal out of two will give full effect of rajyog.

Only way is to do s of case studies and you will answer 99 of your own questions…. Not much, frankly. I dont have too much experience in applying them. Just one questions regarding yogas, should we count houses from moon sign or ascendant?

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  • I have Saturn and venus in 10th house from moon sign Capricorn, which falls in libra. Thank you,. VS ji, If in a birth chart having Gemini ascendant, the 1st and 4th lord Mercury is conjunct with the 5th and 12th lord Venus, in the 10th house at Pisces.

    Now, 1. Does the debilitation of the Mercury in this case cancel or seriously impede the rajayoga? In such a case, if a rajayoga is formed, does the outcome depend more general nature of the planets involved or more on the functionality of the planets involved? Saturn will not harm, rather only augment the raj yoga in this case.

    Thank you so much for answer. Not going too much into the specifics here, but in this particular case, if Jupiter is placed in the house of its good friend, the sun in Leo, would that be considered a good placement? Which of these two factors is to be given more weightage while accessing the strength of the placement? Vivek sir Exchange of sign between two planets results in both house getting stronger then what happens to other planets sitting in these 2 houses? Hi VS! Please solve the confusion of combust and yuti. Kya yahan ka rajyog banta hai? I think NB is bhaav based..

    Hello VS: For a meshha lagna, Saturn is in the 12th rasi but in the 11th house. Venus in poor dignity is aspecting Saturn 12th rasi. Am I missing the concept here? Please shed light. It is a yoga in the classics and hence I will not opine on the reason s behind it. Will the 8th lord in 8th forms vipareet raj yoga?? Vipreet happens if the lords sit in one of the other houses like 12th in 8th or of two or 3 of these combine. There are a lot many yogas and not possible to explain all of the here I can recommend reading important yogas by Raman which covers the main ones.

    JHora software covers approximamtely. If a yoga exists in rashi chart but not in bhaav chart, it loses some power though doesnt become 0. Sir Conjunction of planets should be seen in bhava chart or rashi chart? Conjunction is from degrees. Vivek sir Thanks sir.. Hello VS: Is there something called Bhaav parivartan?

    How this Moon will behave? So if Saturn and Moon sitting in each others house in Kendra i. It is only altered to some extent. Sir, taurus ascendant, lords of 1,5,9 in the 7th. Parivartan between 6th Venus and 7th mars lords. In the navamsa. How does one look at the chart and do we have to give importance to the navamsa or rasi in this matter? But apart from that, ofcourse if 1,5,9 combine and aspect lagna it is a rajyoga unless they are too near the sun in which case the yoga will be weakened ofcourse.

    The yog that blossoms when it rains - Vipreet Raj Yog - Analysis by Punneit

    Sir, Thank you for the reply. One of the rare yogas mentioned is the Sankha Yoga. Some have said its important but some have not mentioned it. How do you view this yoga and its importance? Why has this been not mentioned often? This yoga involves the 6th, is that why it is omitted sometimes? Due to dusthana involvement, the yoga is always blemished to some extent and has to be carefully studied. If forming in a good house and the 5th is stronger than 6th then a person can have wealthy children, be competitive in life and attain success after competitions and setbacks but will have a strong mental attitude towards any problem in life.

    Sir 5 and 6 th lords are saturn for virgo so how this sankha yog is feasible for this acsendant. Or just partially only? Your email address will not be published. The Art of Vedic Astrology. Skip to content. Not About Belief! If You are looking for a Reading.. Tropical Generic Predictions Case Studies. Yogas — Part I Another immensely crucial topic which needs to be addressed before doing some case studies.

    The closer the combination occurs to the middle of a bhaav, the stronger the effects in that particular bhaav and vice-versa I hereby give some important Positive Yogas below in a very generic fashion for a beginner and hence focus on the concept behind the Yoga and not perhaps the specific Yoga or its nomenclature, which will confuse learners in the field. This forms an exchange of the 1st and 5th lords Again, like in Raj Yogas, remember that an exchange between 1 trikona lords is extremely auspicious. Such a Mars will give initial pressures in its dasas but ultimately cause great strides in the life of the individual, especially related to the houses in rules — in this example 4th as well as 11th VI Mridanga — When exalted planets or planets in their own sign sit in a Trikona or Kendra Bhaav, they cause great positive results related to the houses they rule and also their generic significations.

    Typically good to have the ascendant lord also in this mix for this Yoga to be stronger. September 2, at pm. VS says:. September 5, at pm. Anurag says:. October 11, at pm. Abhishaik Singh says:. October 28, at am. October 29, at am. Sundar says:. October 30, at pm. October 31, at pm.

    Decoding Vipareeta Rāj Yoga – The Vedic Siddhanta

    December 15, at pm. December 16, at pm. But still one is in debilitated sign and the other is neecha abhilashi one sign before debilitation so this can give feeble good results. April 14, at pm. Is vipreet raj yoga formed by mutual aspect?

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    • JHora seems to calculate it that way.. May 3, at pm. Rahul says:. May 18, at am. May 18, at pm. May 19, at am. May 19, at pm. May 20, at am. June 12, at pm. June 13, at pm. No neecha bhang raj yoga rules are only applicable in D1 and not any other divisional.


      Thirumal Kumar says:. August 8, at am. Hi VS…. I just wanted to input my thought here after going through BPHS. I would humbled with your inputs. August 10, at am. Hi Thirumal in practice, if neecha bhang happens with a strong depositor and in kendra, it leads to a raj yoga…else it is a mere cancellation of debility and not necessarily a raj yoga. Pradhan says:. September 22, at am. Hi VS, In above article you have mentioned that, vipareeta raja yoga is a conjunction or mutual aspect of 2 dusthana lords in a dusthana house. Thanks, Pradhan. September 24, at am. Anirudh says:. September 28, at pm. Hi VS, What are the effects of yoga involved between mutual aspect of 4th and 7th lords? Or will it not work as both are not benefic to the lagna?

      Regards, Anirudh. September 29, at pm. October 2, at pm. November 7, at pm. November 8, at pm. Pratheek says:. November 29, at am. Hello VS, First of all, I would like to express my utmost gratitude to you for taking some valuable time out of your life and maintaining this wonderful website.

      Thanking you again. Regards, Pratheek. November 30, at pm. December 5, at am. December 5, at pm. Thank you so much for your valuable inputs. December 15, at am. SJ says:. December 20, at am. December 20, at pm. Jaidev Sharma says:. Hello VS , Thanks for sharing knowledge and replying to queries. Do you think doing any kind of remedy of FM Planet which is owner of 3rd and 12th house? Thanks and Regards, Jaidev Sharma.

      Venus Williams. She has many raja-yogas. She is a multi-millionaire and leads the life of a Queen. Sun Mercury. Moon Mars Jupiter Saturn. Posted by Jyothishi at AM. Labels: She gained the Victory and World Championship by defeating causing loss to her own sister Ms. Serene Williams in the final match. Newer Post Older Post Home. Part — Follow Alan on :. Tier 1 Tier 2 Four classes of ascendants are ranked here by chance of forming a pure Viparita Yoga: Tier 1 comprises the first six ascendants — Aries through Virgo, plus Sagittarius and Aquarius.

      The chances for any of these eight ascendants to have a pure Viparita Yoga is 0. Tier 2 involves only ascendants Libra and Scorpio. For example, with Scorpio rising, the 6th lord is Mars, 8th lord is Mercury, 12th lord Venus. Although Mars can range anywhere, Venus and Mercury are tied to each other. This reduces the chance of forming a pure Viparita Yoga to 0. Tier 3 involves Pisces ascendant whose trik lords are Sun, Venus and Saturn. Although Saturn could be anywhere, the Sun and Venus are tied to each other, never more than 48 degrees apart.

      For this ascendant, the Sun can go to the 8th while Venus goes to the 6th, because they remain within range. So the chances for Pisces lagna to have a pure Viparita Yoga are only 0. Tier 4 involves only Capricorn ascendant, whose trik lords are Mercury, Sun and Jupiter.

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      Jupiter could be anywhere, but the Sun and Mercury are bound the closest of all planets. And forget about either of them moving to the 12th on the opposite side of the chart.

      vipareeta raja yoga vedic astrology Vipareeta raja yoga vedic astrology
      vipareeta raja yoga vedic astrology Vipareeta raja yoga vedic astrology
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